Elstar Engineering POWER division is an advanced and experienced global supplier constantly developing to meet the challenges of the global energy industry.

We aim to be trust and long term supplier with highest quality of deliveries of following materials:

1.4903, 1.4923, 1.4980, 1.6580, 1.6582, 1.7225, 1.7335, 1.7380, 1.7383, 1.7709, 1.7711,

Nickel alloys i.e.: INCONEL® Alloy, NIMONIC® Alloy and wide range of carbon steel grades.

We delivery high quality products for Energy industry i.e.:

  • automation (pressure and temperature measuring kits)
  • pipelines
  • oil systems
  • welded structures
  • drawing components
  • other minor drawing items (machining)
  • wide range of fasteners

…. And many others