Industrial Logistics

Industrial construction includes a wide range of projects from the food, pharmacy and cosmetic sector to chemical plants, pulp and paper, petroleum refineries and power plants. This type of construction involves intensive piping, which connects a variety of equipment and conveys process media. Due to compressed schedule and limited space on site, industrial construction projects rely heavily on the offsite fabrication and assembly. What distinguishes us from the rest is a more complex offer containing deliveries of all needed equipment to be installed on site.

We organize a service of industrial logistics which we call 5p’s:

  • Planning – project planning plays a crucial role in managing even the most complex orders,
  • Procurement – cooperation with Europe's leading wholesale and retail suppliers offering best price and on stock availability
  • Prefabrication – welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, NDE, Hard Stamping,
  • Packing – all spools are signed, packed in accordance to the contract requirements,
  • Place – on time complete delivery at designated contract address,

Cost Savings in Pre-Fabrication, Inspection & Testing:

  • Quality of the work is easier to manage & maintain in a controlled environment.
  • Limitation of needed workforce on-site,
  • Lower manufacturing costs compared to on-site work,
  • Avoids time & cost overruns
  • Limitation of needed testing on-site
  • Better quality control on welding parameters
  • Better on-site manufacturing logistics
  • Improved safety
  • Better working environment - less slag, abrasive dust, smoke